An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy

This refers to transactions where the customer is not present and only the credit card number and expiration date are being used for approving the charges.

Advantages of E-Commerce Electronic Commerce can increase sales and decrease costs.

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Thankfully, for most people obtaining a digital certificate is not a problem. Be forewarned that purchasing an online shopping cart application is very expensive.

Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

The Federal Trade Commission regulates most e-commerce activities, including the use of commercial emails, online advertising and consumer privacy. Dropship services store and ship the products you sell as a merchant, many times for wholesale prices.

Rather, the architecture should focus on synthesizing the diverse resources already in place in corporations to facilitate the integration of data and software for better applications.

What is E-Commerce?

Most professionals have enough trouble keeping track of files of 1 interest on one or two database services. In the case of electronic commerce, directories would play an important role in information management functions.

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Another reason for middleware is the computing shift from application centric to data centric. The Internet and the World Wide Web offer enormous potential but measures need to be developed to prevent abuses from occurring in this environment.

In the ensuing discussion of each of these layers, we will not elaborate on the various aspects of the network infrastructure that transports information.

Let's first look at how Web sites can collect and use data. The big challenge is in the fundamental transformation of the way things get done in the world.

Let's examine a few of these initiatives. There is a solution to these common and frustrating problems.


Another study published in Aprilnoted that a majority of Fortune firms have had their systems successfully accessed by hackers in the last year.

If there is resistance to cooperation with government agencies and the incident of fraud, crime and privacy continues to rise, legislative and other political solutions will be potentially more rigid [ 9 ].

And stores that exist only online may offer consumers a selection of goods that they otherwise could not access. In simple terms, middleware is the ultimate mediator between diverse software pro-grams that enables them talk to one another.

More personal information, such as, e-mail address, postal address, name, sex and age are assembled when a user registers at a site. This developing standard tries to define and describe limits on the culling and use of users private information garnered from Web sites.With the commercialization of the Internet in the early s and its rapid growth to millions of potential customers, the term electronic commerce was coined, and EC applications expanded rapidly.

One reason for the rapid expansion of the technology was the development of networks, protocols, software, and specifications. The broadest definition of e-commerce is "the conduct of transactions by electronic means." In the interest of water safety, this series will sail in a smaller pond.

We will focus specifically on purchases of goods and services from online stores on the Web. If you access the internet with a phone or other mobile device, you may access the internet using a data plan tied to your cellular phone service.

If you have a data plan, your service provider (such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile) collects data about your usage. Blake T. Bilstad, Esq. Corporate Counsel, Secretary, Inc. Keith P. Enright, Esq. Principal, TECHNE Consulting. Electronic commerce poses additional security problems. First, the intent of the Internet is to give people remote access to information. The system is inherently open, and traditional approaches of restricting access by the use of physical barriers are less viable, though organizations still need to restrict physical access to their servers.

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective. Introduction Electronic commerce is a revolution in business practices. If organizations are going to take advantage of new extent of a firm's Internet usage, explaining how electronic commerce can address the three strategic challenges.

An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy
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