Behind the blue wall of silence essay

Preferably tests to determine personality traits. However, they would be less likely to report other behaviours such as excessive force and bending the law to protect a drunken colleague for these though regarded as serious as well may not be reported due to the internal and external pressures of police culture, or perhaps due to concern over the level of punishment which may be meted to their colleagues.

Behind the Blue Wall of Silence

There will always be a problem concerning the police brutality because most of the choices are done because of some issues such as anger as well as passion that may lead to making of the decision that make others have a feeling of the pain that that the police implements to the victim or the family of the victim.

Some of the things that happen include hiding of these violations and are not taken to the limelight. When police and police administrators find themselves doing the right thing and doing good work they have essentially achieved higher personal standards which can benefit a police department and beyond.

Holt provides several examples on incidents which outline this view. What defines people is loyalty used by the police force and not integrity regarding the Behind the blue wall of silence essay that could be made on one another.

If the law turns away from the police officers, then the policies and laws that are involved work to the advantage of giving perpetrators a chance of freely walking away and the steps that could be followed to find justice are not achievable because of the wall of silence engulfing the situation.

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Blue Wall of Silence Essay

If an officer is hired into a department with a strong code of ethics it is likely that the officer will make ethical decisions. To further support this idea we look to the scholarly article written by four senior research experts in the field of Criminology and Crime Prevention, Joycelyn Pollock, Juha Kaariainen, Ahti Laitinen, and Tomi Lintonen.

What happens is that if one seals the mouth and does not talk on such issues, the person suffers slowly from guilty and as such there is some amount of stress that is invoked and it can even go to the point of exploding and lashing out against the people who are in silence but are still pressuring.

The differentiation of the law is by the system of justice as well as the constitution and not by the choice different people have to make in various departments Kingshott et al, Irobot movie analysis essay Irobot movie analysis essay winter dreams analysis essay in favor of euthanasia essays research paper for juveniles tried as adults postcard peter skrzynecki essay writing teaching narrative essay writing.

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When the accusation is leaked to the eyes of the public it becomes difficult for them to have trust to the department which has sworn a oath so as to make sure that it serves its citizens in the best way possible. There is no doubt a great deal of personal fulfillment that comes from the duties and responsibilities assigned to police officers, because they get to help out in the community.

Perhaps facing punitive repercussions would end police corruption? Aid one another when in trouble. Every bureaucracy seeks to increase the superiority of the professionally informed by keeping their knowledge and intentions secret. Essayage de bott es cuissardes femme Essayage de bott es cuissardes femme corn ethanol research paper toulmin or rogerian argument essay.

Controlling corruption from the departmental level requires an organization with strong leadership because corruption can take place at any level in the police department, from the patrol officer, to the chief of police. Mobile media consumption research paper Mobile media consumption research paper slow travel essay reflective essay life changing experience quotes.

It could start at the academy level with better screening, better instructions on ethics and the expectation that potential officers will do their personal best.

The Blue Wall of Silence, by its very definition, is the ultimate form of peer pressure that corrupts not only police officers but also administration. Should holding police officers to a higher standard come with a higher salary?

What is it about the challenges police face daily that may make them wary not only of dangers associated with routinely encountering criminals, but also of the same men and women on whom they rely for personal safety and protection?

There has been a deficit concerning the inequality between men and women for a long period of time because women were taken as receptionist and were not considered as having all that it takes in keeping the pace with men hence encouraging similar strengths just like the men that are serving in the law enforcement sector.

It is a policy that works in changing the wall or a way of breaking the attempt in proving that most scandals to the public for instance, a choice that of enabling the kind of thinking that individuals are not facing the same treatment like those women that are not in the force. The public demand for accountability, fueled by the media, is going to force the police force to implement the nine policy and structural variables which predict whistle-blowing.

Also typical in both types of organizations is the importance of maintaining confidentiality, or even secrecy. If there was a way of breaking the wall of silence for some reasons, then the lies that people said so as to ensure the protection of the officers would be looked into and there could be a trial about it.

Editorial essays on gmos. It is hard for the public to understand the decisions police officers make because they are not in a role of authority and do not have to make decisions objectively.

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The Blue Wall of Silence Essay Sample

Therefore, having a thought of choice regarding speaking of certain misconduct is something that is not easy to come by. The Blue Wall of Silence may be impossible to eliminate but police departments can be reformed. Although there was no new information no one came forward or said anything to the contrary.

No matter what the solution, police officers must do good work at all times. Mackenzie king prime minister essay Mackenzie king prime minister essay dissertation on product innovation pdf essay paper help.

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One of the best ways to end this vicious circle is to expect better personal standards from our police officers and more ethical administrations to guide officers in the right direction.Essay comparing and v for vendetta actor, detrital zircon analysis essay essay why study english education existentialism in film essays on friendship essay on audio production decriptive essay writing monte cook dissertation iowa philosophy llrc report in sinhala language essays black body radiation and the ultraviolet catastrophe essay.

Mar 01,  · Archive for the ‘The Blue Wall / Police Secrecy’ Category “It takes a wolf to catch a wolf” is that the introduction of female police officers in the midst of what Thomas Nolan calls in his essay, “Behind the Blue Wall of Silence.

The Blue Wall of Silence is the name used to explain the unity exhibited by police officers in an attempt to limit their co-operation when a police official is accused in the line of duty.

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Even though the Blue Wall of Silence has arisen out of the understandable need for police officers to be able to trust and rely on each other, it is neither a morally justifiable act.

The “Blue Wall of Silence” And Police Culture September 4, Joseph The thinking regarding silence with the department of the police is not something that is kept as a secret these days because of choices of invoking loyalty and not integrity makes the idea of the Blue wall of silence to pick a lot of names hence entrusting individuals to have.

Breaking Down the Wall Even though the Blue Wall of Silence is an ethical issue for nearly every police precinct around the world, there are steps that can be taken to help reduce misconduct and corruption by police officers. Behind the blue wall of silence essays Behind the blue wall of silence essays sadness essay faire une introduction dissertation philo.

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Behind the blue wall of silence essay
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