Crm at big bazaar

Headquartered in Mumbai Bombaythe company operates over 12 million square feet of retail, has over stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 30, people.

On each purchase of rs. The Indian economy is once again at the centre of the global attention. Appointment Creating and scheduling appointments with customers is a central activity of most customer oriented businesses.

More recently, the development and adoption of these tools and services have fostered greater fluidity and cooperation among sales, service, and marketing. I also thank all my family members and friends for their cooperation and encouragement during the project.

Crm at big bazaar

Because of the company-wide size and scope of It is at the same time expensive 2. Adding new software with change is a complex task. Unmanned billing counters create long queues at the open counters. Economic Change and Military Conflict from to estimates that in India's share of the world trade was nearly 25 percent.

When an implementation is effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce operational costs Goal of CRM: Nagar, Chennai The stores are customized to provide the feel of mandis and melas while offering the modern retail features like Quality, Choice and Convenience.

They pose as normal customers perform specific tasks— such aspurchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way — and thenprovide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences o Monitor Competitive PerformanceComplaint Handling Procedures: Sakthi card is issued to ladies and this card provides,free sugar 1 kg per month.

There isa common crm policy for both reliance fresh and mart. These tools usually focus on accounts rather than on individual contacts. It takes around 30 days minimum tobecome a member of future card schemes.


At the core of SFA is a contact management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition. The customer must understand the response, and the response must address the issues raised in thecustomers original complaint.

Big bazaar should increase the availability of all brands. No demographical or psychographic differences was considered before choosing the customers for interview purpose. These professionals can then gather information and use it at their preference, developing a system that allows users to easily access desired information and is secure and trusted by its users.

Increasing usage and adoption rates Specialists offer these recommendations for boosting adoptions rates and coaxing users to blend these tools into their daily workflow: A subsidiary company, Home Solutions Retail India Limited, operates Home Town, a large-format home solutions store, Collection i, selling home furniture products and EZone focussed on catering to the consumer electronics segment.

Crm at Big Bazaar & Reliance Mart

Customers are likely not as patient to work through malfunctions or gaps in user safety, and there is an expectation that the usability of systems should be somewhat intuitive: While the larger metropolises have Big Bazaar Family centres measuring between 75, square feet 7, m2 andsquare feet 15, m2Big Bazaar Express stores in smaller towns measure around 30, square feet 2, m2.

This expectation will vary fromperson to person. While retail forms the core business activity of Future Group, group subsidiaries are present in consumer finance, capital, insurance, leisure and entertainment, brand development, retail real estate development, retail media and logistics.

What is your overall experience in Big Bazaar? Sakuntala, Assistant Professor and Department of MBA, who have been our project guide and who have helped me in preparation of the project report.

Completeweb integration-It allows end users to have access the data function of a serve hosted applicationthroughinternet browser window.

Electronic customer relationship Management eCRM: It is a business management system that integrates all functions of the business. Big bazaar management has to give more offers to their products for generating sales.

In 2ndgeneration following improved systems were used for CRM: Some developments and shifts have made companies more conscious of the life-cycle of a customer relationship management system.

Those who have paid the nominal fee of rs. They get information about ongoing offers and also information and latest news about their nearest stores and the company in general.

Baylor Business Revie w24 2p. Presentlythey are using oracle software to maintaindatabase.Showing results for customer relationship management big bazaar ppt jobs in All India.

Crm at Big Bazaar & Reliance Mart

CRM Bigbazaar. Uploaded by Kavya Ajay. Related Interests. Customer Relationship Management; Enterprise Resource Planning; Operations that ultimately a e t the a tivities o the ront inan e manu a turi maintenan e plannin marketin advertisin CRM @ Big bazaar Customer s point of view Organization s point of view 7.

gold card and sakthi.

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RETAIL MANAGEMENT. Customer Relationship Management @ Big Bazaar & Reliance Mart 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER NO.

Chapter 1 CHAPTER NAME Introduction • Meaning of CRM • Goal of CRM • Evolution & growth of CRM • Options for implementing CRM • Various aspects of CRM/5(7).


Get the best offers on food, groceries, home & kitchen needs,personal care,and more at Big Bazaar store across India. Save more with Big Bazaar shopping. They implemented CRM as a process thatbrought together lots of pieces of information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness,responsiveness and market helps businesses use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behavior ofcustomers and the value of those agronumericus.comnges For Big Bazaar in CRM.

RETAIL MANAGEMENT Customer Relationship Management @ Big Bazaar & Reliance Mart 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER NO.


Crm at big bazaar
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