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The top publishers are probably out of reach, but the cheap ones "we publish everything" can cause you problems later on.

Why You Shouldn’t Publish with Lap Lambert, German Publishing House

All authors participating in texts of Wikipedia know this or should at least know it. Tennoe, and Susan F. When working with an editor, be open and trust in his experience. Those that feed on book writers need only lie in wait on the Internet, since book writers are actively seeking publication--but students and professors may not be, or may be looking only in specialized areas, so rather than wait for them to come to it, an academic author mill must go to them.

Unlike Stromberg, who received multiple emails, that was the last time I had been approached to purchase any books. Then other publishing houses would have to point out in their books: There is no cost to the author, who receives one free e-copy of the book.

What makes your book stand out approach, new data, methodology Work on your understanding of the details of the publication process, so you can put your energy in the right spots.

There are terrible problems with the thesis itself, in punctuation, structure, citation, referencing, style and level of research, indicating either that Radwan submitted it before her thesis was examined or before receiving comments from supervisors, because so much is wrong with this as a doctoral thesis.

In the meantime, think of my published thesis as that proverbial door stop that is keeping the cyber door from completely closing on future opportunities where publishing can be, amongst many things, profitable ish - as in, you might be able to buy your wife and children a hot dog or two on a bright sunny day, preferrably within walking distance from home; after all, petrol is expensive.

Proofreading is not performed to keep costs low. I think the answer is no. They do spam frequently by seemingly ''inviting'' researchers and students.

Your Thesis and the Predatory Publisher

This should be taken seriously in the case of a thesis as any loss of copyright would severely curtail any further publishing spinoffs from the original work which could be the cornerstone of a successful academic career.

You can see my one star review of it on Amazon if you care to read it, at http: The risks of publishing your thesis with an unscrupulous publisher include: I suppose I should apologize to my potential readers for not having purchased two thousand copies after all.

Least of all for those extortionate prices! Book has only sex-scenario! No guarantee is given or implied.


It seems a lot of people are shocked at the price of these books too, especially considering that most, if not all of the content in them, is freely available online. Normally, companies looking to rip folks off would be hounding you until you either gave in or you decided to move to another country.

Update - Two Years Later! Very few people even consider having their dissertations published and those who do inevitably have a free copy lurking about in their university library.

Avoid it like the plague. And be sure to check, if you can get a publication grant from your university our some other foundation. Again, my advice would be to do it for free as they refer to it - the free areaas an open access option.

Although you do get some creative input into your book cover, it is important to note that it is limited to the cover page picture, book title and sub-title and a short blurb on the rear of the book along with a tiny bio. She used several strategies: This ''invitation'' is a result of pubic profiles easily tracked on all kinds of sites where robots search for particular strings e.

Unless you refused to submit your MPhil or PhD dissertation for academic review in order to complete your degree, this is actually true of any university and academic publishing house! A trip through the shadowy, surreal world of an academic book mill.

All authors participating in texts of Wikipedia know this or should at least know it. After some deliberation I decided to bite the bullet and send my dissertation into LAP for review in May No, I don't suspect my writing will ever improve.


It is recommended that before accepting any publishing offer you carefully research and evaluate the scholarly credibility of the publisher and their product and seek advice before making any decision. If it was good enough for a University, it is good enough for us!

After all, universities are not publishing houses.Lambert specialises in the publication of theses, but is not considered a bonafide academic publisher as they merely reproduce theses without any editorial oversight, i.e.

they do not apply the basic standards of academic publishing such as peer-review, editorial or proof-reading processes into their hurried production of theses into books. LAP is a leading academic book publishing company specializes in making your theses, dissertations, and research projects available worldwide.

Lambert Academic Publishing (or How Not to Publish Your Thesis) [Updated Marchsee update below] Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) is an imprint of Verlag Dr Muller (VDM), a publisher infamous for selling cobbled-together "books" made up of Wikipedia articles mainly un der their Alphascript Publishing imprint.

Lambert Academic Publishing is a scam. LAP is a company based in Mauritius and Eastern Europe that spams scholars who have published theses offering to republish them as books.

The naive and gullible agree, and after zero editing or reviewing (ch. May 01,  · If you think maybe a published book will look good on your resume, take note: The Australian Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) explicitly excludes the books by VDM Verlag and Lambert Academic Publishing from meeting the requirements for submission.

VDM will jump out of your resume and make you look like a sucker. Publishing a PhD (or MSc) Thesis as a book may carry some important improvements as a new opportunity to correct possible involuntary omissions at references list of works cited in thesis main text.

Lambert academic publishing phd thesis
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